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Paracord Macrame Plant Hanger

My new office plant, a Wax Rubra, is in a pot that has an 8″ diameter at the top, 6″ diameter on the bottom and about 6″ high. The hanger is about 36″ long with the pot and made from 550 paracord. Ingredients 6 @ 120″ (10′) 2 @ 36″ Recipe Line up 120″ lengths… Continue reading Paracord Macrame Plant Hanger

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the good, the bad and the ugly

Once upon a time there was a tiny, poorly designed kitchen whose pantry held a washing machine, dryer and hot water heater. One day the handsome king started the washing machine and left for work. The washing machine so loved the king that she decide to run and run and run the entire day. Unbeknownst… Continue reading the good, the bad and the ugly

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Facebook Won

So the mommy blogging thing lost steam and the mommy thing stole all my crafty time and Facebook is just easier. House reno courtesy of a washing machine flood may be the thrust of the 2014 blogging year. Stay tuned. Or not. Your call. In the meantime, how cute are my kids? Fashion notes: The… Continue reading Facebook Won