Schottische Kilt Hose

I’m finally posting pics of the kilt hose in progress, crappy though they may be (the photos not the hose). The pattern is from Nancy Bush’s “Folk Socks.” They are very cool. I’m knitting on Addi Turbo US 2s, which are actually 2.5s (still don’t understand that). The yarn is Bare from Knit Picks – fingering weight merino wool. Since hubby is a giant, I have added a pattern repeat and am knitting at a slightly looser gauge.

Victorian Beaded Bookmark

So I wanted to try something really tiny in preparation for knitting for a 1/12 minature. The pattern is from “A Step Back in Time” in the Interweave Knits subscriber content on the web. I’m knitting it with size 30 crochet cotton on US0000 needles and glass beads. It would look better with round beads, but this was all I had around the house. It’s too hot to knit big stuff and this sure ain’t big.