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Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to present a completed Aran Tree Skirt. Now, now, do contain yourselves. Really. The standing ovation is just too much. Well. Ok. Keep clapping if you must.

Seriously, I finished it in the wee hours of Christmas morning. Please do disregard the totally unmatched dye lots. I didn’t notice it as I was knitting. Though it’s quite evident in the photos. Here it is in its rightful place under the tree (the unmatched color is in the back, whew).

It’s very pretty and I do recommend it if you’ve got the patience and arm strength. It got pretty weighty at the end and seriously strained my wrists and forearms, thereby limiting how much time I could spend on it in one sitting. All told it used 12 skeins of LB Wool-Ease Thick & Quick on US 11 needles.

If I make another (hubby has repeatedly mentioned how much he’d like one for us), I think I’ll use Knit Picks Sierra (two strands together on US13s gets the required gauge). It’s a bit more expensive than the Wool-Ease, but really lovely to work with. And for the amount of time spent on this project, using yarn you enjoy is well worth the extra expense.

Here’s some history….

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