women’s work is never done.

the clubhouseWait a minute! Yes it is. Check out this cool Next Generation clubhouse/swingset that my sister and I built last week. (Kelly is peeking out from behind the swings) We built the model 5007 tower and swing arm and added the 10′ slide. The kits included pre-drilled treated cedar components that weighed a ton. There was some pilot drilling needed, but most was pre-measured and ready to go. It took us less than 3 days to get this thing up and running. Using a drill to drive in the screws is mandatory. It seems very sturdy and should last quite a long time.

We didn’t do it all ourselves. We had some great help! Aydan was a champ. He helped drive the fencing screws and measured the wood (to be sure we were using the correct pieces). Cealinn and Colm were terrific assistants too. Cealinn stacked similar pieces of wood in handy piles and Colm handed us screws and bolts.

A nice way to spend my summer vacation. Good times were had by all…






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