also new on the needles

leaf panel sweaterThis is the leaf-paneled sweater from Runway Knits.  I’m knitting up Berger du Nord Belle (100% silk) on US 6 circs.

I cast on in the round dropping the four side seam stitches and adding extra stitches in the reverse stockinette sections to accomodate my embarassingly wide hips. Casting on in the round requires one to swap the knits and purls in the odd rows in the pattern, which is obvious as you work along. 

Thus, I decreased every 3rd row instead of twice after 11 rows to get back to the pattern’s waist stitch count. 

Also, I have been twisting the purl stitches that flank the leaf panels as well as those between the left and right “leaves”.  It really tightens up the yarn and helps the design stand out.

I really like the yarn so far, the color is just what I was hoping.

nothing left but the label

baby surprise jacketTalk about a quickie! This little gem knitted up in no time.  I started knitting on August 11th and had it seamed, washed, dried (in the machine) and ready by the 19th. Except for the label, which still needs to be sewn in.  Baby is due today! Woo-hoo!

I must echo all the EZ BSJ fans out there, it’s great fun to watch the blob of garter stitch turn into a sweater.  This version used a full skein of KP shine worsted in coral – and I mean every last inch of it, 1/2 ball each of sunflower and watermelon, and just shy of 3 balls of terra cotta on US 6 neeedles. bsj label

EZ baby surprise jacket

EZ BSJ 1/2 completeEZ BSJ SleeveAnother speedy project on the way.  I started Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket on Saturday and am already to the buttonhole band (the last bit, for those unfamiliar).  Quick, quick, quick! 

Of course I did spend an hour writing the patter out, as I couldn’t wrap my brain around the concept without running the numbers.  Guess it’s the dork in me shining through… 

Anyway, the yarn is Knit Picks Shine Worsted in sunflower, terra cotta, watermelon, and coral on US 6 needles. 

Should have it blocked and photographed this weeked. Baby is due next week. Timing is great. Except the sweater seems huge, like toddler sized.  Best laid plans…

chanson en crochet

Voila! C’est fini. This was a super speedy way to get back in the groove. The pattern is Chanson en Crochet from IK (excerpted from “Wrap Style”) and the yarn was Cascade Eco+ (leftover from this) on a J hook.

I started on August 6th, finished crochet by the 9th, and had it washed and blocked and buttoned by the 11th. Can’t beat that with a stick.

The finished project is really cute and barely elbow length on an adult, well me anyway. I think it will work nicely for a little girl. Maybe even as a “skirt” over some leggings…

back in the saddle again

ahhh. my absolute disinterest in all things yarn has finally abated. since the warm weather struck in may, i’ve had no desire to knit, crochet, sew, whatever. suddenly, however, i’m mad for it. ordered a bit of yarn from knitpicks. should be in this week.

in the meantime, here’s chanson en crochet, from interweave. so far it’s a zippy little crochet. I’m already on the 9th row of 22, using cascade eco and a size j hook.

think this will be a giftee for cealinn…