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a design of one’s own…

I finished Nicki’s Anemoi Chullo (pics later this week – promise).

::  Wierd. I write this stuff as if someone other than me is reading it. Huh.  ::

Anyway… my Knit Pics order hadn’t arrived and I have a new sporty short haircut thanks to James, the greatest.

Eureka, I need a hat. But it’s still hot out – like mid-nineties. Maybe a skull cap like the one in Alterknits. Hmmm, don’t like the stockinette top. What if I tweak the pattern? Ah, no beads either. Maybe a smaller cable, plus If I use an even number of stitches divisible by four, I can do a four point decrease at the lace panel.

Nevermind that pattern… Using some stash Knit Picks Bare merino/silk and US3s (7sts=1″), I cast on 120 sts and started a simple YO, SSK, K2to, P, K4, P with a C4B every 6 rounds.  So, here is the decrease chart, which has not been tested.  The reason it hasn’t been tested is that the KP order arrived on Saturday.

In the package was 3 skeins of grape Decadence for the Vogue bulky beret (Winter 2006, I think). Tra-la-la, swatch, swatch. Ick. Just looked too bulky and clumsy.  What I really want is something like the Louis Vuitton berets.

louey flemish beret patternLet’s wing it. CO8 using a provisional CO and smaller needles than suggested for a more firm fabric (US7s got me 4sts=1″). Then – Kfb around, K around, *Kfb, K1* around, K around, *Kfb, K2* around, K around… you get the idea… until the top is big enough. You decide what’s “big enough” for you, I stopped at Kfb, K20. Now I’m just knitting around and around until it’s a comfy depth.  There will be a trick to the finishing, but you’ll have to wait till I get there…

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