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swatching the night away…

pink SOS swatchSo, I joined the “Secret of the Stole” knit-along and the first assignment was to swatch, which I did.  I had some stash Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in peppermint heather and (oddly) a few strings of freshwater seed pearls and voila, swatch number one, which I quite like.  It was knit on the recommended US4 needles.

gray SOS swatchNever content to leave well enough alone…

Knit had a sale. So, while I was loading up on Noro Silk Garden at 50% off (woo-hoo!), I noticed Merino Oro. Of course that was not on sale, but at $16 for 1375 yds who cares?  Now, the Oro is a good bit thinner than the Alpaca Cloud (really cobb weight, I think), but I was curious, so enter swatch number two (on US1.5s).
So, what do you think? Gray or pink?

SOS swatches scale  SOS swatches

10 thoughts on “swatching the night away…

  1. I’m doing mine in Merino Oro, too, but I swatched with a US 3, and it gave me a lacy fabric with enough stitch definition to please finicky me. I like the grey heather, but it does look pretty small. I do have to say though, I wet-blocked my swatch and it did bloom just a wee bit, if that helps you make your decision (it didn’t close the holes, it just made the yarn look just a little more fluffy).

    Good luck with deciding. I like the pink with the pearls.
    Miss Knotty

  2. I like both, but the grey one in particular. I like how the solid parts look a little more solid which lets the lacey parts stand out. BUT…the pink is gorgeous too!!

  3. Knowing that it is slated to be a festive new years project, I like the gray the best.

    Good bead placement, I could not figure out where the heck to put mine in my swatch. Wish I had thought of your arrangement.

    I think you did a great job.

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