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lace and cable cap

lace and cable capNeed a fall hat?

Here’s the pattern!

Queue it up on Ravelry.

lace and cable cap top


7 thoughts on “lace and cable cap

  1. Sorry for the confusion. Alas, it’s been a while since I knit this up. From looking at the pattern, you seem to be correct that the cable twist is off in the decrease. You’re the first person to point it out. It seems like it should work out the way you describe, that is work chart 1, ending on row 2, then start the decrease chart. That shouldn’t throw off the lace because row 1 of the decrease chart is the same as row 3 of the main chart except for the first decrease.

    Aha! looked at my original notes, and you are absolutely correct. I’ve corrected the pattern and am reposting it. Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    i’m working on this pattern, and it was brought to my attention by another knitter that the cabling changes between the main chart and the decrease chart.

    On the main chart, it’s every 8 rows that the cable twists. If starting the decrease chart from the last row on the main chart, the first cable twist will be 14 rows from the last one.

    Is this correct? I tried starting the decrease chart after the 2nd row of the main chart, so the cable twists would be 8 rows apart, but then I must have screwed up somewhere, because the lace pattern was off.

    Any suggestions for me? Thank you so much. I’m learning lace on this pattern, and as frustrating as it gets, I’m learning alot.


  3. I worked mine on circs. The hat squishes very easily so dpns would probably work fine. I’m a fan of 2-circs and magic loop, so I rarely use dpns any more. Good luck.

  4. Hi there, I found this on Ravelry and have a quick question. Do you recommend doing this on dpns or a circular?

    Thanks. I can’t wait to get started on it.

  5. You made some very pretty knitting gifts! Thank you for sharing them with the knitting community!

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