fil scarf

father-in-law scarfI finished FIL’s scarf in time for his birthday yesterday. It’s a very simple lengthwise garter stitch scarf in Hand Jive Knits’ Nature’s Palette (chocolate) fingering weight. Quite possibly the most perfect travelling project ever.

The lovely, subtle color variations in the yarn really didn’t want much fuss. Plus, FIL isn’t exactly the fussy type. So, to make your very own, CO 300 using the cable cast on on US3s and knit ’till your heart’s content. I was originally a bit worried about binding off and finally decided on the suspended bind-off. My scarf used just about 3 skeins and is 6-feet by 10-inches.nature's palette yarn

The yarn has a rather tight twist and felt a little sticky while I was knitting, but oh my, did it soften up after a bath. The finished scarf is stretchy, springy, and soft and should be an appropriate weight for our mild winters in Charleston.

Isn’t the color just lovely?

It’s on Ravelry here.

rice krispies treats

rice krispies treats  rice krispies treats  rice krispies treats

Hubby and I made this rice krispies treat concoction for his mom, who is recovering from a wicked fall. Hope it cheered her up.

It was surprisingly easy to build. The trick is cooking spray. Lots of cooking spray. Seriously, a lot of it. On hands, molds, spatula, cookie cutters. Ridiculous amounts.

Just follow the Kellog’s recipe and press the gooey mess into well lubricated molds. We made a batch with Cocoa Krispies and pressed it into a round cake pan and a batch of regular that we pressed into a bowl. We pressed the extras flat on a cookie sheet and cut out hearts with a cookie cutter, rolled the trimmings into balls, then decorated the assembled tower with Skittles. The Skittles are held on with Royal Icing (powdered sugar and water).

Totally kid friendly construction.

mild mannered kindergartener by day…


Supergirl by night!


And what is Supergirl without her Superman?


Talk about some super kids!

super kids

The patterns are all McCall’s – M4951 (Boy’s Good Guys), M2849 (Girl’s Cheerleader), and M5459 (Girl’s skirts) and the boots are from LLBean. Hubby made the “S” logos. The patterns are reviewed on Supergirl’s skirt is here and her top is here. This is Superman’s.