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mild mannered kindergartener by day…


Supergirl by night!


And what is Supergirl without her Superman?


Talk about some super kids!

super kids

The patterns are all McCall’s – M4951 (Boy’s Good Guys), M2849 (Girl’s Cheerleader), and M5459 (Girl’s skirts) and the boots are from LLBean. Hubby made the “S” logos. The patterns are reviewed on patternreview.com. Supergirl’s skirt is here and her top is here. This is Superman’s.


2 thoughts on “mild mannered kindergartener by day…

  1. Another SUPER job of outfitting the kids! Did you even supply the boots? Don’t tell me you molded the rubber and made them too.
    They are getting so big!
    Did you get the pictures of Reagen, the prettiest little ladybug in the South? We had fun gathering candy throughout the neighborhood last night. Her Gee was a super scary witch. Nothing new there. Just ask Gramps!
    Did you get some candy too? I hope so. We ate all that we bought for the non-existent trick or treaters in our neighborhood. (No one will brave the long driveways to get candy. Too lazy these days)
    Hope all is well.
    Talk to you soon.

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