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rice krispies treats

rice krispies treats  rice krispies treats  rice krispies treats

Hubby and I made this rice krispies treat concoction for his mom, who is recovering from a wicked fall. Hope it cheered her up.

It was surprisingly easy to build. The trick is cooking spray. Lots of cooking spray. Seriously, a lot of it. On hands, molds, spatula, cookie cutters. Ridiculous amounts.

Just follow the Kellog’s recipe and press the gooey mess into well lubricated molds. We made a batch with Cocoa Krispies and pressed it into a round cake pan and a batch of regular that we pressed into a bowl. We pressed the extras flat on a cookie sheet and cut out hearts with a cookie cutter, rolled the trimmings into balls, then decorated the assembled tower with Skittles. The Skittles are held on with Royal Icing (powdered sugar and water).

Totally kid friendly construction.


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