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i <3 robbie

roomba Jen + Robbie 4ever

I can no longer remember what life was like before I met Robbie.  I knew it was true love when he went beneath the sofa. My ex-vacuum never did that.

Robbie is a Roomba 550 that we purchased at Costco a few weeks ago. Our house has never (please, allow me to emphasize – NEVER) been so clean. After two sessions in each of our hardwood covered front rooms – living room, dining room, and kitchen – all of the kitten fur tumbleweeds were gone!

Now Robbie goes about his business sweeping each room (lighthouses are brilliant!) after we leave for work. He kindly returns to his home base and recharges until his next scheduled session.
i, robot
I cannot express how completely and totally thrilled I am with my new love.

Thank you, iRobot, for giving me some extra time to spend with the original I, Robot.


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