jacob’s ladder seaman’s scarf

Here’s the pattern for my dad’s birthday scarf. Birch (my dad) isn’t really a scarf wearing sort of guy. I can’t even imagine him jauntily flipping a scarf end over his shoulder. Actually, I can imagine it, but it makes me giggle. Hopefully the simple flat design of a Seaman’s Scarf will be unobtrusive enough that he’ll give it a go. The ribbed neckband really does a great job of keeping out the wind*.

Here’s the pdf and here it is on ravelry.

Let me know if you notice any errors in the pattern. Cheers!

*Tested in Charleston when the temps dipped to a chilling 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

14 thoughts on “jacob’s ladder seaman’s scarf

  1. Re outer edges of ribbed area. I’m finding that one edge is bumpy, rough, while the opposite edge is fairly smooth. Is this correct?

  2. Thanks! I ended up making he ribbing part 17″ because Shawn is so tall (and has a big neck). I’ve started knitting the first panel. Even though it’s just started, the pattern looks so pretty (can’t say that to a guy of course).

  3. Sorry for the tardy reply. 330 yards should be fine. Mine was about 50″ total (15″ neckband and 17.5″ left and right panels). I think Stahman usually recommends 12-14″ for the neck and 14″ for the panels, so this is already longer than a traditional scarf.

  4. I am planning to make it for a college student in GA, so I thought I would make it with KP Comfy, which is a cotton blend. The student is about 6’7″, and I was worried that it wouldn’t be long enough, but I know you said your DH is only a few inches shorter. What was the finished length of the scarf you made for your dad? I was wondering if 330 yards would be enough if I made it slightly longer.

  5. From Purl’s website, the Cascade 220 recommended gauge is 4.5 – 5 stitches per inch on US 7 to 8 needles, so it should be fine as my scarf was knit at 5 sts=1″ gauge. The original used about 300 yards and is quite long. Hubby is the model in the pattern, he’s 6′-4″ and the scarf hits him at the waist.

    If you’re worried about yardage, just knit the neckband, then knit both ends simultaneously and stop when it’s the length you want.

    I think that the Fiberlicious is made at the shop near Cincinnati. I bought while visiting the area. Very cool stuff if you’re in the neighborhood.

    Good luck. Glad you like the pattern.

  6. Love this pattern, have used it twice with Cascade 220. Have been looking for the yarn you used Fiberlicious Delightful Merino but have not found it. How much yardage did you use and would Cascade 220 be a good substitute.

  7. I’m bored and surfing your blog. Sure makes me long for the ole’ BE days!

  8. Cooking + knitting + great photos = “how can I not love this blog!”

    Nice to see another engineer showing off her crafty side. 😉

  9. the thought of birchy doing that makes me giggle too!

    great work, as always.
    he’s sure to love it.

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