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hi everybody!

18 weeks and I’m half-baked, just like daddy. Why is that lady poking me with that noisemaker? 

My heart is beating away at 154 beats per minute with all four chambers present and accounted for.

These are my feet. I have two, with five toes each. So far my favorite place to stand is on mommy’s bladder.  I have two hands too with 10 fingers equally divided between them. They were very busy trying to hide my face from the lady with the wand.

These are my legs. The wand lady said that they are nice and long. Must get that from daddy. Since this is a family show I was very careful to keep my privates private.

Better get back to work. I only weigh 10 ounces now, plenty more pounds to pack on and inches to grow. See you soon.

8 thoughts on “hi everybody!

  1. This was a long time coming but definitely
    worth the wait!!!! I don’t know if I agree with you Beth….I think we have a long legged girl cousin on the way!!!

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