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The Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap was so cute, it needed some matching mitts.

These teensy little things work up in no time in the round with self-striping fingering weight yarn. Using US2.5 dpns (or circs if you’re a magic looper or 2 on 2 circs kind of knitter), the gague is 7sts/inch in stockinette.

Here’s the pdf and here they are on Ravelry. And here’s the Norwegian translation, thanks to vaya at

Enjoy the pattern and please let me know if there are any errors.

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7 thoughts on “matching mitts

  1. baby does not need a matching scarf, but perhaps he’ll need a pair of those fab socks to go with his kilt?

    love them!

  2. Very, very, very cute. Thanks for sharing. I’ve put the link in the group I do charity knitting for and on my blog!

  3. What a fantastic idea. I´ve made some baby caps and I´ll be trying to make some mittens to match🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing the baby mitts pattern. I am going to make some to go with the adorable Norwegian hat for 2 babies due shortly. A great way to use superwash sock yarn leftovers and make each one unique.

  5. Hello – I am making the Norwegian baby cap and yes, the mitts are a must do afterwards,. With regard to the cap, can you explain the decrease row on the cap. Does one k18 then slip1 – knit 2tog tbl-psso k 18 and continue this pattern to the end of the row? Appreciate your help. Jacqueline

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