hey mickey!

Oy! Toni Basil will be warbling in my head all day now…

Here’s the very late, promised photo of Mickey with his favorite toy, the crinkle frog. I finally figured out how to take a decent photo of Pan and Thor (all white is tough!), obviously my black cat pics need some serious work. Someday I’ll get a shot of all three boys together – as soon as I figure out how to expose for 2 white cats and 1 black one in the same frame. Someday.

In the meantime, here’s a flash photo of Pan investigating Mickey’s second favorite toy, the crinkle snake…

Welcoming Mick into the family has been a much easier transition than feared. The age difference may keep the boys from playing together (Mickey’s 15 year-old body is not interested in the wild and crazy tackle-tag of the 5 year-olds), but they have no worries about napping in the same room and eating side by side.

Most importantly we can now be sure to have visible cat hair on everything we own, white fur on black clothes and black fur on white. Yay.


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