How ’bout an update on the slowest living room reno ever?

Exhibit A – the chair. This is a chair from B’s college days, originally covered in a poop brown canvas. Poop brown no more.


Picked up this crazy  upholstery fabric on the clearance table at Hancock’s – $5/yd or something. Amazing, right? Who does not have a use for red/turquoise, yellow, lime, and white upholstery fabric?

The front is channel quilted with wool batting and the back has a zipper for easy removal and machine wash. Oh, you bet I prewashed this stuff on hot with a high heat dry.


chair3Thor (pictured) and Mickey both love it and it holds cat fur like a dream. Ugh.

The flokati arrives tomorrow. Perhaps a shot of the new sofa and rug at the end of the week…


2 thoughts on “groovy

  1. who has the cutest living room? you do.
    that’s is fabulous! love the fabric!
    great job. i so wanna have your talent. even just for a day.

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