garter stripe baby socks

Whipped these little guys up this weekend so that baby would have something to wear home from the hospital. Can’t have chilly toes, right?


Quick to knit using fingering weight yarn and US0s for a gauge of 8sts=1-inch. The socks feature short row heels and toes, a garter strip in front, and a garter “seam” in the back.

Here’s the pdf.

Here it is on Ravelry.

Enjoy and please let me know if you find any errors.

21 thoughts on “garter stripe baby socks

  1. hello Jennifer, I am trying to get a copy of your ravelry free knitted pattern for mohumohu baby socks garter stitch for a newborn baby and haven’t been able to download it – would you please email it back to me – I would be extremely grateful – I want to make them for my great-great nephew. thank you, patricia

  2. I’m loving these socks so far but I need more specific instructions on shaping the toe. When working across toe sts as for short row heel do I start on row 3 and if so why am I increasing instead of decreasing? Can you help please?

  3. I love your sock pattern and have begun making a pair. I believe there is a mistake in the pattern in the Short Row Heel part. I am at the end of row 6 (23 sts). Next, it says to continue this pattern to 27 sts, ending on a p (wrong side) row. Every time I do this I end on a right side row (Row 5). Also the purl stitches in the back do not match up through this pattern, it looks messy. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks

  4. Organic baby socks are very popular right now. The green movement’s overall popularity seems to be increasing so it’s only natural that moms would want green products for their babies. Typically such socks are made of organic cotton and contain no dyes. If your baby has sensitive skin these socks may actually prevent rashes on the feet and ankles. Even if your baby does not have particularly sensitive skin you can take comfort in knowing organic baby socks help the environment. The cotton used in such socks is farmed responsibility and is free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. You can leave a better world for your baby..

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  5. Hi I love the pattern, but am confused on what to do after knitting row 1 & 2 for the toe…

  6. Hi, I love the pattern but I need a little help
    I doesn’t figure out how to make the toe. It said is the same way you turn the heel but I have to decrease now
    Any help is greatly appreciated
    Thank you!!!

  7. I have knit this up to Row 3 of the heel and have come up 1 stitch short about 5 times now! I only have 2 stitches remaining at the end of this row! What is going on?

  8. Ha! I know that feeling. Sorry for not replying to your original question. I blame that on sleep deprivation caused by a 4 month old…

  9. ok, i redid the heel and figured it out.
    must have done something wrong… i’ll blame it on being pregnant 🙂

  10. These are adorable, however I too am having troubles with the pattern. After I turn the heel it’s row 11 that is giving me troubles. I keep coming up 1 st short, even with your pattern revision that you offer here in the comments. For this row 11, do you only make a YO once? I’m really stuck here, any more clarity you can give?
    Thank you!

  11. Thanks for writing. That’s an error in the pattern, which I’ll correct shortly.

    After the Heel “row 1” there should still be 27 st (not 28) and row 11 should be: YO, k18, place last YO on needle with instep sts, k2tog, k16, move first heel YO to instep needle and SSk, k18 (36sts)

    Here’s more short row info, if you need.

    Here’s a tutorial.

    Here are some videos.

  12. I love these socks but I do have a question. I am relatively new at knittng so please excuse my silly question. I just finished the short row heel and have 27 sts. Am I supposed to p to the end of the row/ In my attempt of trying the pattern – I didn’t p to end and started the turn the heel yet on Row 1 when I was done I still only had 27 sts. What am I doing wrong?
    Please help me – I want to get these finished for my grandson for christmas.
    Thank you!

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