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Ripe and ready to pop

My beautiful wife Jennifer displaying our coming treasure.  As this photo clearly demonstrates, Jen is at capacity, no more room in the inn.  So, tomorrow we will begin exploring the world anew with our child.  And don’t let her coy expression fool you, she is a bundle of nerves, concern but most importantly excitement.  We are not quite sure what we are in for but we do know it will be an adventure!

Regarding the photo, I did my best and I am obviously not a photographer.  I do have additional photos available to friends upon request but thought this one to be the most illustrative.  I will certainly post images of our baby as quickly as we can manage.

So Tuesday morning we become THREE!  Thanks Jen, You have done outstanding so far, just a bit more to go, the tricky bit.  And I love you dearly.

dsc_2774nef(note: this photo has been neither enhanced nor altered)


3 thoughts on “Ripe and ready to pop

  1. Jen and Brian,

    We are all so excited about the little one! Can’t wait to hear the good news and find out if it’s pink or blue. You guys are going to be great parents.

    Much love,
    Kris and Erik and Grant and Paige

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