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2 whole weeks

Yay! I'm two weeks old today
Yay! I'm two weeks old today.

Liam’s 2 week check up went very well. He’s back up to 7 pounds and 15 ounces.  Packing on 10 ounces in 8 days rather impressed the doctor. What else would one expect from a superbaby?

In other related news, Liam’s sweet temperment has shown glimpses of a sweet temper.  Let the games begin.

Dying for more pics? Check out Liam’s web album.

4 thoughts on “2 whole weeks

  1. i was dying for more photos. i use those web albums too. i’ll stop by more often.

    yay for a thriving weight gaining baby!!

    he’s so darn cute (but you already knew that!).

  2. Jen:

    He is so cute and adorable. And it looks like he already has lots of fancy knit items to wear! Clearly he is the best baby ever!

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