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week 9

9 weeks old already
9 weeks old already
 Hard to believe that 9 weeks have passed since Liam was born. Some days seemed to last forever – you know when he was nursing every 2 hours around the clock, but overall, the idea that he’s approaching three months is bizarre.
practicing for GQ
practicing for GQ


 So, according to the doctor, Liam only needs one middle of the night feeding and that’s what we’re working on this week. He’s still waking up for a second feed, but falling back to sleep with some soothing and his paci. Eliminating that middle of the night wake up is going to be tough, I suspect, as letting him cry seems to be beyond my abilities. Any advice?

 Will and Jennifer passed on their Bumbo. It’s still a workout for our little man to keep his head up, so Bumbo (much like tummy time) only lasts a few minutes. He sure looks cute in it though.

 Speaking of cute, check out these lashes…

eyelashes are growing in nicely...
eyelashes are growing in nicely…

 As usual, more pics in Liam’s web album.

One thought on “week 9

  1. as far as advice, our peditrician always said “feed on demand.” and that’s what we did! we didn’t really follow any kind of set schedule, so i’m lacking in the advice part.

    but i will contribute to this post by saying i love the photos, i love him and want to snuggle him!

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