Danke schön!

gyr_frontMany thanks to Susanne from Stil-Blüte in Braunschweig, Germany. She was kind enough to translate the Garter Yoke Baby Cardi into German.

Here’s the English

and here’s Baby Cardi Kraus rechts gestrickt.

Many thanks Susanne!

week 15

and Liam’s first real laugh. Only did it once last week. I can’t wait to hear it again.

daddy, you so funny!
daddy, you so funny!

Liam is also working very hard on rolling over. When laid on his back he immediately rolls onto his left side. Soon…. We started putting him in his Jumperoo (thanks again Will and Jennifer) even though he’s a bit small for it. He seems to like being upright, at least for short periods of time. 

Two days in a row this week our guy only woke up once during the night to eat (3 AM), which is awesome! However, last night he had trouble falling asleep initially and wouldn’t go back to sleep after eating, which is very unlike him. He was screaming – not fussing, SCREAMING. No fever, wet diaper but not messy, wouldn’t eat any more…calm as long as he was being held. We finally caved and brought him to bed at 4AM – just in time for me to start getting ready for work. Could he be teething? Or just wanting more snuggle time? Or perhaps the mythical 4 month sleep regression?

Cross your fingers that the mocha I’m drinking right now doesn’t make tonight even worse.