liam gregor

fish face

pucker up

Here’s our guy doing his impression of a fish. These days he is constantly working that little mouth – drooling, chewing, sucking, and puckering. Teething?

In related news, we’re totally breaking the law. Dr. said we should start feeding Liam rice cereal at 5.5 months but we started yesterday. He seemed to like it. Let’s hope ’cause mommy’s having trouble keeping up with 16-20 oz of pumped milk he drinks during the 4 hours she’s at work…moo.

Liam is really loving the Jumperoo. His feet move so fast he’d give Michael Flatley a run for his money.  He’s also reaching and grabbing for things and putting them right in his mouth. Yum. Sleep is hit or miss. He has great nights, like last night during which he slept from 6:30 until 4:00, and bad nights during which he wakes hourly. We’re hoping that the great start exceeding the bad soon.

Lastly, though it’s hard to believe, he just keeps getting cuter. Who knew?


2 thoughts on “fish face

  1. I must agree…..I didn’t think it was possible but he is getting cuter and cuter!! As far as the rice….congrats on the next step!!

  2. he is the cutest baby ever.
    our 1st peditrician (very old school and a day younger than God)started my kids on rice cereal at 4 months. in talking with other mamas, i found more started at 6 months, but there were a few out there that started them at the earlier 4m stage.

    if you happen to find the sleeping cure, let me know….g is still not sleeping through the night.

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