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magically delicious

serious business
serious business

So, it turns out that Liam likes to eat. Surprise! So far he’s enjoyed rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash, each to a varying degree. We made the veggies by either steaming or boiling them, then running them through the fine sieve of our new OXO food mill – 15 minutes of effort for 4-5 days food. Bananas are next on the hit parade. I’m excited to give him fruit!

more please daddy?
more please daddy?

Like our own very hungry caterpillar


2 thoughts on “magically delicious

  1. yipee for real food!!!!! ahhhh, the joys of nursing just a little bit less!!!! he sure is cute!

  2. he is darling. when are you coming over to feed my kids veggies? is he wearing the kitchen towel bib? we always carried a clothespin in the diaper bag for making bibs out of restaurant napkins.

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