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birthday cake

only 3 layers, but who’s counting?

Made a lemon layer cake for B’s mom’s birthday. Had to post because it was yummy and pretty despite the disaster of a leaking springform pan. Talk about a mess. Half of one of the cakes leaked onto the pizza stone in the oven, hence three layers instead of four. Also, I think our baking powder is past its prime. The cake was a bit chewy. Opening and closing the oven door to deal with the leaking pan and pouring the warmed batter into a new pan certainly didn’t help matters.

Forgot to take a photo of the cake before we cut in, but here’s what’s left. Well, what was left anyway…

7 minutes of heaven

As usual the recipe is from Cook’s Illustrated. And, as usual, it was a bit fussy. The lemon curd filling is made first and chilled for several hours. Then the white butter cake is baked and cooled. Next the cakes are cut and layered with the curd and chilled while the 7 minute frosting is made. BTW, 7 minute frosting is awesome! It’s like lemon meringue pie, except with cake instead of crust. Tart and sweet and ridiculously decadent with a dozen eggs, two and a half sticks of butter, and four and a quarter cups of sugar. 

Here’s the recipe and you can watch a video here.

That reminds me…I never posted a pic of the bachelor party cake made for B’s coworker (red velvet, natch). So, tada.

kicking and screaming

3 thoughts on “birthday cake

  1. Hey Aunt Jen!
    Those cakes are really cool and I wish i was as talented as you when it comes to that kinda stuff
    Thank You for commenting on my blog! 🙂

    Paige Hoel

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