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sitting pretty

check me out
check me out

So, 24 weeks. Can you believe it? Our big boy can sit all by himself and occasionally sleeps through the night. Sweet! Speaking (typing) of sweet, Liam loooooves applesauce. He gets a total sugar buzz. Hilarious. All frantic arms and legs and gigantic wide eyes.

Liam's favorite tree

He is a big fan of the great outdoors. He loves taking walks, so we walk. A lot. BOB is fabulous. He is also mesmerized for minutes on end by a tree blowing in the wind. We lay on the ground under this tree and he totally cracks up every time the wind blows. It’s rather adorable.

mummy, you’re weird

So, am I one of those unfortunately misled moms who is blind to reality or is he really the cutest thing ever?


2 thoughts on “sitting pretty

  1. you are not blind….he is the cutest thing (well….one of the cutest, i have two cuties myself) LOL. He is getting so big!!!! Love you!

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