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101 uses for receiving blankets

Everyone told us, “you can’t have enough receiving blankets”, which is true. What they didn’t tell us was how quickly the smaller and rectangular ones would become obsolete. When we first brought Liam home from the hospital, we rolled 4 or 5 small flannels into tubes and surrounded him in his car seat so that he was snug. We used the same size to swaddle him back then too. Unbelievably quickly (read by January), they were too small for swaddling, so we found Dwell Studio at Target, 36″x36″ blankets. Those got us through month three. Fortunately, Target also has Circo 42″x42″ flannels, which held out into April.

full coverage
full coverage

Meanwhile we accumulated 12 or 15 or 20  or something receiving blankets in various sizes. The smaller ones have sat unused since January or so, at which time we began relying on the larger ones. Now that Liam is eating big boy food the small blankets have been re-purposed as bibs.

Each blanket made two “bibs” (just serged the raw edge with rounded corners to match the existing corners). The recangular ones are especially nice as they are longer, providing serious coverage. We use kitchen clips or clothespins to hold the bib in place. It’s been working very well so far.

I don’t know who those teeny store bought bibs work for, but they were pretty pointless with our feeding machine. Add avocados and bananas to the Liam approved foods list, by the way.

i love food!
i love food!

In other Liam news, guess who’s rolling over. We never know what we’ll find when we get him from his crib in the morning. He’s all over the place.  Big fun.


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