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the big 0.5

hey there

We had our six month check up yesterday. The little man is weighing in at 18 lbs 3 oz and 26 3/4″ long with a 17 1/2 ” head circumference. So, he’s in the 50-75% range in length and weight and 75% for his big, giant head.

Liam got three shots containing a total of five vaccines and did really well, a few tears after the shots and one dose of Tylenol. Fortunately there hasn’t been a site reaction or any fever.

The big news from Dr. S. was that the AAP has revised its first foods policy and no longer suggests waiting 12 months to introduce potential high allergy foods such as strawberries, egg whites, and peanut butter. So, the stores are open! Liam can have any yummy treat he wants. She also said that we don’t need to wait 3 days between new foods. In celebration we had an orange for dessert last night. Liam rated it 5 spoons.

Our big boy is also becoming quite the little sleepy head these days, sleeping from 6:15 PM until around 5:30 AM. It’s fantastic! His naps aren’t quite as consistent, but they’re still pretty good – one at 9ish and another around 1:30. He usually has one 45 minute nap and one good 1.5 – 2 hour nap. Some mornings B gets lucky and has the long nap and I’m stuck with the quickie in the afternoon, others I’m the lucky one. Root for me!

These two pics crack me up. He’s not too dramatic, is he? Must get that from B…


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