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no sleep till brooklyn


So the day finally came. Two days, actually. I had to load the boy in the car and drive him to sleep in the afternoon twice last week. He took very short morning naps and completely refused afternoon naps from Wednesday through Saturday (thankfully, he continued to sleep well at night). So we drove for milkshakes on Wednesday and Friday (Chick-fil-A, I thank you and my thighs thank you), had a marathon walk on Thursday, and gave him to Grandma and Grandpa on Saturday.  Yesterday… he had a two hour morning nap and a 2.5 hour afternoon nap and was asleep by 6:15. Go figure.

Liam also made an amazing, ground breaking discovery. Wait for it. We have cats!

hi there mickey
hi there mickey
what fun!
what fun!
PS. we have to get the tv hung…Thor is waaaay too interested.

5 thoughts on “no sleep till brooklyn

  1. Jen We are amazed how much Liam is looking so much like you at this age….same mouth, same eyes and even exact same “hairstyle”!!
    but with those long fingers I think Brian’s genes won out for height! We can’t wait to see all three of you!

  2. Well,I finally found you and I can’t believe there was a Beasty Boys reference. Oh the memories to that song. It is funny how phrases have such different meanings now. We are luckily done with the sleepless nights.

    I have tears from finally seeing you in so many years and your beautiful family.

    Funny how seeing your smile in the crocheted had made me so happy and feel young (hmmm younger) again.
    Hope to hear from you.

  3. I only vaguely remember youth… This whole mommy thing really ages you. It was great hearing from you. We’ll be in PA in August. Hopefully we can get together.

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