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babyproofing rocks!

cabinet.NEFSo, in anticipation of the little man learning to crawl, we moved our stemware from the el cheapo little (unlatch-able, unlock-able) floor cabinets where they’ve resided the past few years into this sweet new teak cabinet.

B and I found this piece at a local shop, A World Apart. It’s supposedly from early 1900s Dutch occupied Bali. Regardless, I love it. It’s teak and rustic and the color of the wood is fantastic against the saffron-y wall. Plus both the top and bottom portions have locks to keep kittens and children out. Well at least until they’re old enough to pour mummy a drink. The child, that is. The kittens still haven’t grown opposable thumbs and are therefore unable to carry a glass without spilling. Too bad on that.

cabinet_detail.NEFI’m soooo happy with it. And feel ridiculously grown up. It really opens up the tiny room and allows much easier access to our stemware. And we all know how important quick access to a wine glass is in my world.



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