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sleeping beauty

I snuck in a took a pic of Liam sleeping on Tuesday night. How cute is that tushie in the air?

in the glow of the orange night light
in the glow of the orange night light
glug, glug
glug, glug

Liam still loves to eat. In addition to his first foods, he now likes yogurt and raspberries and peaches and scrambled eggs and tofu and bbq pork bao (one of mommy’s favorite lunches) and is especially fond of the Gerber Lil’ Crunchies. He also loves Earth’s Best Teething Biscuits, but they scare the bejesus out of me. They break into big pieces as he gums them and I freak out. No pincer grasp yet, but he tries to eat by himself, which is as messy as it is cute. We just keep him naked most of the time for easy clean up.

The boy is also getting very good at drinking from his sippy cup. We use a few different types of cups, all BPA free and with the no-spill bits removed. Liam seems most comfortable with the Platex (pictured). The Dr. Brown’s is a too big and the handles on the Avent are a bit too close to the cup for easy grabbing, but Liam loves chewing on the Avent’s flat spout. Also the handles on both the Dr. Brown and Avent are seperate pieces and so spin out of alignment with the mouthpiece.

Liam has been stretching and grabbing at toys from a sitting position while maintaining his balance for a week or so now and he is picking up toys and passing them easily from hand to hand, usually with a pit stop at his mouth. There are still no teeth and no crawling but it can’t be too long now…

6 thoughts on “sleeping beauty

  1. Ok, I have to stop visiting this site when I am bored at work– it is making me have serious baby fever! As always, Liam is too adorable for description!

  2. Just found your website by chance. What a cute, cute, perfect little guy you have there.

  3. Thank you for checking up on us. Liam is pretty awesome. However, if you want to cure the baby fever, set an alarm clock to go off every 3 hours around the clock for a few days. Then imagine several months of it…

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