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busy, busy

Wow! It’s been a big time down here the past two weeks. Alas, the photos don’t measure up. See, it’s tough to take pictures of a child who’s glued to you. This is the best I could do…

maggie and liam
maggie and liam
hold meeeeee
hold meeeeee
yes, i'm letting him chew on my shoelaces...
yes, i'm letting him chew on my shoelaces...

The main items of interest are (in chronological order):

  1. a lovely visit from Mia, Betsy, and Maggie
  2. Liam’s first dip in a big pool (thanks for the fun time Mia and Maggie)
  3. tooth, the first
  4. tooth, the second
  5. * kisses!

Feeding time at the zoo just keeps getting better. It’s a game now. We let the little man taste anything that we’re eating (unless it’s a choking hazard, obviously). Evidently, we have the anti-Mikey. Liam will eat anything. He sampled several items from the Indian buffet (saag paneer was the fan favorite) and chowed on Mexican (twice), digging the tamales, enchiladas in mole, and especially the flan. It’s really fun!

*Liam gave his first kisses. The first person he kissed was that baby in the mirror. The second person he kissed was daddy. [crickets chirping] There is currently no third kiss recipient. Let’s see. Who’s missing from this list? Hmmm. You are correct, sir! Mummy gets jack. For real. Nothing.


One thought on “busy, busy

  1. i have found myself pulling the “mommy fed you almost exclusively for the first your of your life!” card a lot lately. the kiddies love daddy and my reminders don’t seem to be working when i’m after snuggles.

    show your mommy how much you love her, liam!

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