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sniffle, cough

My poor, sweet, adorable cuddle monkey has a cold! Well he had one. For almost 2 full days. He’s still a little stuffy. My poor, poor baby. He even had a fever. We went to the doctor and everything.

Aside: He’s just shy of 21 pounds these days.

Sweet little guy. He was quite the trooper. He started coughing on Saturday night (in his sleep), then woke with a very low fever on Sunday morning. He was very clingy and a bit crabby and had two morning naps. We wound up taking him for a drive to get him to nap in the afternoon and when we got home he fever was up to 101. My little love. We then gave him some Infant’s Motrin and then a 1/2 dose of Children’s Benadryl.

Anyone care to guess how that worked out?

Holy hyper baby, batman! That Benadryl wound him up like you cannot believe. He was a wild man – a very cute and happy wild man. Bedtime finally arrived at 8. As in 8 PM. Far and away the latest he’s been awake in months. Yowza. Liam slept poorly on Sunday night, waking almost hourly to cough and whine for a few minutes before returning to sleep.

Yesterday morning his temperature was back down to 99 and his mood had greatly improved. His energy level was way up too. Still B had called the doctor and they suggested we bring Liam in. So, we did. The doctor said his lungs sounded clear but his throat was a bit red. Told us he’d likely be fine by Wednesday. By yesterday afternoon his temperature was back to normal. Bedtime was a complete disaster though. Assuming it was due to the stuffy nose, we gave him another dose of Benadryl and settled in for the crazy Liam hour. He finally went to sleep around 8 and slept well until 5 this morning.

So, today he’s still a little stuffy, but back to his old self in mood and energy. Whew. Let’s not do this again any time soon. K?

post processing fun
post processing fun
33 weeks
33 weeks

Thanks to the strong back-lighting (and my poor exposure compensation), Liam was pretty underexposed in these shots. I did some major fill light and light/dark adjustments to the originals, then slightly desaturated them. What do you think? I dig it.


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