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Welcome to the fold

dressing for success
dressing for success

I think we have a future crafter on our hands. Every visit I introduce some new technique to Cealinn. This trip it was sewing. She took to it like a fish to water (as did Aydan, might I add).

Cealinn, Colm, and Reese made many yo-yos, using the fabulous Clover Yo-Yo Maker and Cealinn, Aydan, and Colm made adorable sarubobo dolls following mairuru’s instructions. Cealinn made hers yellow for luck with money and added a blue “shirt” for an added boost of school good fortune. Quite the thinker, eh?

Aydan made a blue sarubobo, but I neglected to get a photo of it. Shameful, right? Maybe he can take a picture for me to share. Please, Aydan!

pincushion bracelet
pincushion bracelet

This leads us to the project hinted at in last week’s post. Hopefully, Cealinn’s new pincushion will get plenty of use.

Here’s the pattern for anyone who’d like one of his/her very own. It’s a quick and easy project that uses fabric scraps, a small amount of felt, a plastic bottle cap, and a bit of elastic. I may even make one for myself!

Here it is on PatternReview.com.

More to post about our fantastic visit to PA, but you’ll have to wait…


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the fold

  1. Found your site on sewmamasew.com. Thank you for sharing & posting tutorials.
    I voted for “Frank” in the scrap buster contest—-it’s a winner!
    Brenda in Texas (no blog).

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