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my first summer vacation

3 is 1 too many for a good photo
3 is 1 too many for a good photo

The above photo is in no way indicative of the quality of our visit. Liam had a great time. I just picked the worst possible moment to finally get a photo of some of the kids together. Being around his cousins, and aunts and uncles as well, was big fun.

ready for action
ready for action

During our visit Liam’s goofy army style crawl picked up some wicked speed. Keeping up with the big kids required it! He also began sitting up* without assistance. Only babies lie around all day. He picked up some seriously loud new vocalizations, including one that makes me think he’s having an asthma attack. Yay! Plus, his first day home we found him standing in his crib. It’s safe to say that the little man learned a great deal on his vacation.

Liam loooooooooooooved his first tast of pierogies and a had a wonderful time with his troop of babysitters (thanks Sophie, Bella, Cealinn, Tate, Colm, Casey, and Caitlin). B and I enjoyed hanging out with the grownups at Aunt Ninny’s bar.

The 12 hour drive to PA went very smoothly. Liam slept the entire time. The trip back was a little less smooth. It took over 13 hours and Liam woke and wanted out of the car at the 12 hour mark, so that last hour or so was tough. Totally worth it though. Liam did remarkably well in his new surroundings. He woke once or twice each night, but went right back to sleep after a quick nurse and snuggle. His naps were as good as they are at home – for whatever that’s worth.

Sadly, I didn’t get many photos. Mainly because, happily, I was having too much fun. We all had a great time and can’t wait to see everyone again.


Liam’s current sleep pattern, now that we’re home, is bed around 7 an early nurse somewhere between 4 and 5 and then real wake up at 7. A night or two he just slept through until 6:15 and woke for the day. His morning nap is still good, usually 1.5-2 hours, and his afternoon nap not so much, usually only an hour. He may be cutting more teeth? Not sure if that has any impact on his sleep or not. It’s kind of wacky right now, so we’ll see how it shakes out over the next week…

*Liam has been sitting unsupported for a while now. He’s now able to get from laying on the floor to a seated position all by himself.

PS. The kittens are not pleased about Liam’s new found speed.


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