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taking a stab at embroidery

Heh. Get it? Taking a “stab.” You know, like the needle “stabbing” the fabric. Ahhh. I slay me.

Quilts, Baby! by Linda Kopp
Quilts, Baby! by Linda Kopp

Borrowed this fantabulous book from the library. It’s Quilts, Baby! by Linda Kopp and I love it. The Woodland Creatures crib bumper totally hooked me, but we’re not using a bumper on Liam’s crib. So, like Dickie Dunn I tried to “capture the spirit of the thing” in throw pillow form. One side of the pillow features a bird and racoon and the other has an owl, a butterfly (outline of the fabric pattern), and some yo-yo flowers. I’m about to start a second pillow, which will likely feature a pond and hill. Stay tuned.

The fabric is Absolutely Cotton, which was 40% off at Hancock’s Fabrics last weekend and the embroidery is DMC Pearl Cotton 5. It’s machine pieced, the trees are “appliquilted” by machine, and the embroidery is by hand – my version of a split stitch through all three layers. The yo-yos were made with Clover’s Extra Small Yo-Yo Maker. The whole project probably took 6-8 hours and should have been a bit quicker but I took some shortcuts. Why do I attempt to shortcut tried and true methods? Stupidity, pride, a genetic disorder? Suffice it to say that you should follow the instructions for the freezer paper technique or some other approved method to prep your applique pieces. Hand rolling it while you sew just doesn’t work and using a giant iron and your fingertips to turn the edge leads to burns. 

DSC_5549.NEF  DSC_5555.NEF  DSC_5550.NEF  DSC_5568.NEF  DSC_5566.NEF  DSC_5557.NEF

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