go team!

bleached tees
bleached tees

Want an easy (cheap) 10 minute project? Grab a colored T-shirt, stencils or paper cut outs, 2 spray bottles, some bleach, and some vinegar. Lay your paper cut out or stencil on the tee, spray some bleach wait a bit until the shirt starts to lighten, spray some vinegar to neutralized the bleach, and peel off your design. It’s that easy.  If you want a very crisp design, like the lion, use some spray adhesive or a glue stick to affix your design before spraying. For the Flyers shirt I glued down the logo, sprayed some bleach and waited a bit, then peeled off the center circle and sprayed a bit more bleach there and quickly sprayed on the vinegar. Also, be forewarned that the bleaching may not show up until you add the vinegar. The black Flyers shirt started to discolor immediately, but the navy Lions and green Eagles shirts didn’t look like they were bleaching at all until I sprayed the vinegar. FWIW, these are Garanimals long sleeved T-shirts, $3 at Walmart.

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