fast and furious

officially cruising
officially cruising

And just like that he’s sleeping again. For a little more than a week every nap and most bed times were battles. Crazy temper tantrums and early wake ups and even a few middle of the night awakenings creating a perfect storm of over tired  bad attitude. Then, all of a sudden, nothing, a sweet happy baby in his crib.  Whatever. We’ll take it.

Liam’s bedtime started to creep later and later. After dinner now he plays hard, then has a bath, and plays in his room until bed. A few days he was up until a bit after 7. He just didn’t seem tired. I was thrilled, thinking this later bed time would translate into later wake up.  Not so much. He started waking at 5 again. So, with no other ideas to work with, we put him to bed at 6:45, even though he was still acting wide awake, and he slept until 5:45. The next day he slept until 5:55. Last night Liam was in bed at 6:30 and he slept until 6:10. There used to be clear sleep cues, but not anymore. He just never acts sleepy until he’s snuggling Lovey right before bed. I’m so confused.

All this boring detail is here so that I can review it next time his sleep goes off the rails. Thanks for your patience.

Now for the important stuff. Houston, we have consonants. Liam has begun to “dadada” and “mamama”. It’s silly cute. He is also pulling himself up on furniture and cruising. Plus, he can sit back down from a standing position.  It’s amazing. He found the cat toy stash too and seems to prefer those to his own toys. Once again, the cats are not thrilled.


It really feels like he understands what we’re saying sometimes. He actually did what I told him yesterday. That reads funny. What I mean is that yesterday while Liam was playing with his shapes, I pointed to one that was away from the rest and said something to the effect of “There’s another one. Put that one in the box too.” and he did. Wow! I was stunned. Now he’s really like the cats in that he can deliberately ignore us.

i can't hear you
i can't hear you

PS. I embroidered “EAGLES” and cut the sleeves on one of Liam’s t-shirts, but I must go back and lightly bleach the back of all his shirts. There’s a hard line on each sleeve and it looks funny to have a mottled front and perfectly solid back.

2 thoughts on “fast and furious

  1. lauren wanted me to relay this….”baby liam” i think she has a crush!!! Can’t blame her though, he is so darn cute!

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