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more, more, more

snort, snort
snort, snort

One of my favorite new expressions. I have no idea what it means, but it cracks me up.

The big news this week is more, as in “Give me more food.” Liam started using the sign last week. His version is like a very slow clap. Oh, Liam started clapping too (obviously). He is very serious when he uses his new sign and, so far, only uses it for food. It’s so exciting. We’re trying to use signs more consistently now that we know he gets it. We’re focusing on meal time signs as our Piglet is very advanced in food related activities. We try to use eat, drink, milk, water, more, and all done whenever we say the words. For the past few months we’ve been doing more, milk, and all done, and now we’re trying to really use eat, drink, and water too. We just learned hungry yesterday, so will probably try to use that too. B insists that Liam does milk when he sees his bottle. I know he recognizes the sign/word, but can’t be sure the little fist squeeze is intentional.

Our main exposure to baby signs is the Baby Einstein “My First Signs” dvd (thanks Aunt Joni and Laurie!) and the Signing Time series that we’ve been borrowing from our local library. We’re so lucky that our library carries Signing Time volumes 1-13 and Baby Signing Time volume 1. Liam seems to like the dvds, though I don’t think he’s learning directly from them. B and I, however, are learning lots and trying to use the signs as much as we can in real life. The hope is that Liam will be able to communicate, even though he can’t talk yet, and thus reduce frustration and resulting tantrums. We’ll see.

The kid has a serious temper and is already quite opinionated. Gets that from B, I suppose.

too cute for words
too cute for words

Liam’s top teeth still haven’t broken through, but they are oh so close. Hopefully they’ll make their appearance this week. I think they’re are causing him some discomfort, especially in the afternoon when he’s starting to get tired. He rubs his face and ears and usually refuses to nap. Fortunately, bedtime is still fine. We’ve pushed bedtime back to 7 PM and are trying to keep him in bed until 6 AM in preparation for the time change at the end of the month. He still gets up at 5:30 AM about half the time, but hopefully we’ll get a later wake up as he gets used to 7 PM bedtime.

Also, is it possible to die of cute? Because, the union suit may just do me in. PJs in generall kill me. What is it about them? Too much.


3 thoughts on “more, more, more

  1. I seem to recall you were a bit opinionated and stubborn when you were little (maybe a little older)and Essie would always set you straight but you had mom and dad wrapped around you little finger.

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