you be the judge

Supergenius or not-so-much…


So, the boy figured out that the circle shapes fit in the lower-right opening of the box. We verified that the location was key by rotating the box. The shape of the opening was irrelevant, Liam continued to try to force the circles into the lower-right opening.  He’s borrowing daddy’s technique. If it doesn’t fit the first time, hit it harder. Removing the shapes turned our boy wonder into a monkey caught in a banana trap. Pretty funny to watch.

Check out our little hippy’s hair. It’s getting long. I don’t think I’ll be able to have it cut. It’s just so soft. And he’s so cute when it’s messy.

Sunday wasn't all bad
ring, ring
ring, ring

Still no top teeth, but they are right there and causing our guy some serious discomfort. See the little bulges?

almost teeth
almost teeth

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