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what's wrong with dirt?
what's wrong with dirt?

So, it cooled down here for a minute. It’s back in the 80s again, but the trees tired of holding their leaves anyway. The boy loves playing outside. He is, as you can see, a big fan of dirt. He has a funky new crawl that he uses outside. He uses his left knee and right foot (so his right knee never touches the ground). It’s pretty funny.

Inside he crawls on his hands and knees, belly off the ground much more often these days. Liam can also stand unsupported for like 30 seconds, longer if he’s engrossed in something.

One of the big guy’s top teeth finally broke through. The other should cut any day now, perhaps even today. His mood greatly improved once that tooth popped through.

here. this is for you.
here. this is for you.

So, we’re officially done with bottles. I haven’t pumped in over a week. His grandparents have one last bag of frozen milk that he’ll get on Tuesday and after that it’s straight from the tap or nothing. Usually, he nurses upon waking and before bed, and sometimes before nap(s) and that’s it. However, he actually refused to nurse during the day all weekend, which is a little sad. I’ll keep offering during the day for another week or so, then give up the ghost on daytime sessions. He’ll be 11 months next week and eats so well that I’m not concerned about nutrition, but still… Those first weeks of breastfeeding I never (NEVER) would have believed that I’d be sad to see the end of nursing. Guess we’ll see how long he wants to do the wake up and bedtime feeds.

stylin' and profilin'
stylin' and profilin'

In other weekend news, Liam attended his very first birthday party for our neighbor Regan.  How cute is he in that shirt (thanks Laurie and A. Joni)? Liam adores Regan and whenever possible tackles her for kisses. It’s quite cute. Maybe not from her perspective, but what can you do? We  made her a quilt, which I’ll post about tomorrow.

That’s all for now. Have a good one.


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