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welcome to bedrock

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. We sure did.

the rubbles
Barney, Betty, and Bamm-Bamm Rubble
my cavemen
my cavemen
so, this is candy...
yeah, chocolate!
digging for treats
digging for treats with regan

So, in typical fashion, I sewed the costumes on Friday and Saturday morning. Nothing like a deadline to get the blood pumping. Fortunately all the costumes were fairly lightweight. It was 84 degrees on Saturday. Ugh. The boy was still a bit warm, but not too bad.

Bamm-Bamm was a simple skirt cut to the approximate size of a pair of good fitting shorts and a sash that was draped to fit. The costume may have taken an hour start to finish, perhaps even less time. Both pieces were faux fur. The tiger print was soft on the back, so wasn’t lined. The sash was a bit scratchy so I lined it with leftover fabric from Barney’s costume. We found a squeaky club at a Hokus Pokus costume store and picked up a dog bone at Wal-Mart to complete the look.

Barney was cut following a modification of the tunic from McCalls 5683. The fabric was stach stretch faux suede. I cut a single front piece and single back piece and clipped all the edges.   Here’s the full review.

Betty was cut as a simplified McCall’s 5654 using some stash blue mystery fabric. I omitted the pockets and simplified the straps. I love the box pleats, but the dress is a tent. If your a tall, very, very thin girl (which I am admittedly not), it may be wearable as a real dress. On me however, yikes! The funniest part of my costume is invisible. I had to sew an old bra together in the middle to draw the straps in at the front. Unbelievably unattractive and fairly uncomfortable, but it kept the girls in check. Hoo-rah. Here’s the full review.


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