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what’s the word?

Cat. It will surprise no one that Liam’s first word (or approximation thereof) is “cat”. It sounds sort of like “acht” and is the only word he even attempts to repeat. Sadly, Mickey left us last week after a few months of illness (tumor), vet visits, and various attempts at pain management. So, talk around the house had been even more cat-centric than usual. I guess the little man picked up on it.

On a more upbeat note, Liam waves hi and bye and signs more, cookie, all done, milk, and is starting to do eat. We’re emphasizing eat and drink, as he gets frustrated when we don’t realize that he’s hungry or thirsty.

Check out the new “crawl”. The boy doesn’t like scraping his knees on the concrete, yet insists on playing in the driveway.

elephant walk
elephant walk

One thought on “what’s the word?

  1. sorry to hear about mickey. “damn cat” isn’t that what your dad would say???

    and yay for liam!!! Looking forward to seeing the post of liam saying “cat”

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