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i pity the fool

liam gregor
i pity the fool.

Not sure why this expression reminds me of Mr. T, but it does.  

This is what we see when we tell the child “no.” For example, “Liam, don’t hit Pan in the face with your hammer.” or “No! Don’t hit daddy with your hammer.” or “Liam, let go of the cat’s tail.” all get the same face, followed by a repeat of the behavior. Obviously our parenting skills are being challenged and are failing miserably. Any advice?  

On a brighter note, my baby’s smile is getting bigger. He added tooth number 5 last week and 6 yesterday. We had the usual early wake ups (4:30 AM is ungodly), clinginess, and nap boycotts for a week or so. Back to normal now though.

liam gregor
tooth the fifth and sixth

Here’s the aforementioned hammer, btw. 

liam gregor
hammer of the gods

Christmas tree goes up this week. Photos of cats and kid in tree sure to follow. Wish us luck.


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