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Yeah. Not so much a reaction to the chicken pox vaccination as Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. By the time we figured out what it was, Liam was already on the mend. Spots are already fading today and he’s acting like his usual cute self. Cross your fingers that we didn’t spread HFMD to anyone else. 

liam gregor
i'm contagious in this photo.


Oh, and we’re done nursing. Liam’s refused the boob since Monday evening, so we’re taking the opportunity to wean without struggle. He’s a fan of cow’s milk, so that’s that. Kinda sad. Kinda relieved. Kinda.


One thought on “hfmd

  1. it sure is contagious….a contagious smile! he’s so darn cute! and yay for you making it a year of nursing!!!! you have graduated with high honors, and you should be VERY proud!

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