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daddy’s on his own

So B thinks the boy needs a haircut. I disagree. Several people called Liam a girl this weekend and B’s panties are in a bunch over it. Needless to say, I refuse to participate in the trimming. B issued the warning yesterday that I’d better get some pics because the hair’s going. What do you think?  

liam gregor
what's wrong with a little shag?

Anyway, our boy is 15 months old today. Our next well check is Thursday, so we’ll have some stats then. He feels pretty darn heavy to me, so I’m quite curious to see how much he weighs these days. We turned his carseat around this weekend after I tweaked my back (again) trying to cram him in rear facing. He seems to really like the new view. 

Liam has been signing up a storm. He probably uses over 35 signs regularly and is picking up new ones so fast. It’s really cute. He’s trying to talk, but still doesn’t use many words. “Up” is a big one, meaning pick me up or get me out. He tries repeating some of the things B and I say, but doesn’t seem in a big rush. B is finally “Dada” and he even says “mama” and actually means me! 

Here’s the big guy showing off his new skill… 

liam gregor  liam gregor  liam gregor 

liam gregor  liam gregor 

In summary, the boy is cute and this is what we think of daddy’s haircut idea… 

liam gregor

2 thoughts on “daddy’s on his own

  1. I think he is precious with the hair. It’s so blonde and pretty. He definitely looks like a boy. I’m with you on leaving it for a while. When he goes to school, you might want to put it in a hat or something, but for now, he is fine as is!

  2. He does have slightly feminine looking features but I still think he looks like a boy even with the longer hair! Leave it!! Only someone half asleep would think him a little girl!

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