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lost: mommy’s mojo

For the life of me I cannot take a decent photo of Liam. Haven’t even tried other subject matter as my enthusiasm for photography is at an all time low. So sorry, because that boy is cuter than ever.

liam gregor liam gregor liam gregor liam gregor liam gregor liam gregor


Anyway, Liam is the proud owner of 11 teeth. He had 6 front teeth for ages, then in rapid succession in the past 2 months he’s cut his 2 lower lateral incisors and 3 of his 4 first molars. The 4th may be in. I haven’t gotten a good look in his mouth in a while. There was minimal disruption, just an occassional dose of Motrin before bed and a few early mornings and missed naps.

He has the best facial expressions and is even more of a bundle of energy (if you can believe that!). Liam has been trying more and more words but still relies heavily on his signs. He’s a madman outside. Can go from sparkling clean to absolutely filthy in minutes. It’s shocking how dirty he gets. Yesterday, he was adding dirt to the neighbor’s bird bath and then wiping the resulting mud across his face. B’s planning to build us an outdoor shower to help us cope with our little Lord of the Flies.

Since our vacation in NC, Liam has been on a 7pm to 7am sleep schedule. His naps are still somewhat variable, but generally happen around 1:00 and last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. He had one whopper for Grandma – 3.5 hours, and a couple short 45 minute naps for me, but normally it’s 1.5-2 hours.

And in new baby news, all is well. Here are some images from yesterday’s ultrasound. NB is quite the wiggle worm. (S)he’s been beating me up from the inside out for weeks already. Check out the long fingers and giant feet…

23 weeks 23 weeks 23 weeks 23 weeks

And that’s that.


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