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new baby, old baby

Can you believe that the old baby is 18 months old? He’s so big. And cute. And independant. And stubborn. And energetic. And I’m tired just thinking about keeping up with him this afternoon. 

liam gregor
don't believe anything she writes...

We had our well check last week. According to the Dr., Liam is doing great. I forget the exact numbers but he grew around an inch and put on about 3 pounds in the past three months. So, he’s still in the 75th for height and head and 50th for weight. He’s healthy and on par with the developmental milestones – stacking blocks, identifying body parts, using a fork, saying “no” to everything mommy suggests, etc. 

This weekend our big boy found baseball. I’ll try for pics with his new tee-ball set this week. He’s also very into “art”. The next Jackson Pollock (without the hooch issues, I hope) is my guess. He drags his crayons out daily and loves sidewalk chalk. 

liam gregor  liam gregor  liam gregor  liam gregor 

Liam is also a huuuuge fan of the baby pool. It’s already so hot down here, we have to keep him watered down while outside. He has started showing some interest in his potty recently too. Not actually using it, but signing potty and saying “pee-pee” (emphasis on the “p” sound, outrageously cute) and sitting on it after his bath in the evenings. I love the idea of letting him run about outside naked, but am afraid of sunburn and injuries to his “special purpose“. 

Well, that’s the deal with #1 and now onto #2. 

Fresh off the glucola, here’s a brief update. New baby’s heart rate is about 155 bpm and we’re measuring 28.5 cm. That’s a little big for 27 weeks, but within normal. NB has moved up alieviating some of the pressure on my pelvis and bladder (yay!) and squishing my lungs and stomach even more (boo!). (S)he has started lounging in Liam’s preferred spot, along the right side of my belly, head (I’m guessing) in front of my ribs. I’m huge and sore and tired and whiney.  The Flyers are not helping my mood. NB should have quite a vocabulary after last night’s game. 

There you have it. We’ll keep you posted.


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