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how i spent my summer vacation

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s been a while since the last post. In my defense, I’m lazy. And pregnant. And sweltering through day after day of temps in the mid 90s and heat indices hovering around 105. So sue me.

First, the new baby. These pics are over two weeks old. The last US is scheduled for August 12. Not long now…

new baby  new baby

And the old baby…busy, busy, busy. It’s just too darn hot to play outside this summer, so we’ve been doing our best to find indoor entertainment. Here are a few pics from our Aquarium adventures.

liam gregor
hangin' with the frog
liam gregor
liam gregor
liam gregor
liam gregor
riding the snail
liam gregor
at the touch tank

And here are some of the boy’s favorite critters. Liberty, the bald eagle, is tops. She’s right up there with the white alligator (not pictured). Alas, I couldn’t get a shot of the white alligator, low light and a hyper-spastic child were working against me.

bald eagle skunks barn owls sea turtle scuba divers

Liam and daddy also took a vacation to visit Grandma and Grandpa in the mountains for the 4th of July. Mommy stayed behind and slept. As you can see from the photos Grandpa and daddy took, everyone had a great time. Lovely weather and lots of fun nature adventures.


liam gregor
liam gregor
liam gregor
rock collecting

And picnicking…

liam gregor
with grandma
liam gregor
table dancing

Plenty of action at Liam’s Place too…

liam gregor
liam gregor
liam gregor
i see you.

And some harrowing details I wish I’d not seen…

liam gregor
permanent marker!

liam gregor
can i touch it?

Good times.

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