4 weeks

The new guy is four weeks old today. And here’s what it looks like at our house (for about 2 minutes – the rest of the time it’s complete chaos). Pan still thinks he’s the top dog.

liam and kellan
the hierarchy
liam and kellan

Kellan is still an eating machine. He’s growing so fast. We’ve already packed up the newborn clothes and some of the 0-3 months onsies are getting rather snug. Some days Kellan is awake for an hour or more at a stretch, others he still sleeps most of the time. He’s given us his first real smile. The first was at the sound of daddy’s voice and the second was for me (yay!).

We’re working on our tummy time now. Much like his big brother, Kellan only tolerates it for a few minutes. Still, doctor’s orders…

kellan robert
tummy time - the beginning
kellan robert
tummy time - the end
liam and kellan
it's ok. tummy time is done.

What fun.

PS. I started knitting the blanket pictured above while pregnant with Liam and finally finished it the week before Kellan was born. It’s OpArt knitted with Knit Picks Swish DK washable wool.

oink, oink

Our Kellan is 3 weeks old already. Time is flying, except at 3AM. He got the doctor’s seal of approval at his 3 week checkup yesterday, weighing in at 10lbs-8oz! That’s crazy. The boy literally eats about 15 times a day. Just tie a bell around my neck and call me Flossie.

kellan robert
big boy!

In addition to growing like a weed, the new guy is spending more time awake each day. He’s mirroring our facial expressions and starting to track objects. He’s also smiling in his sleep a lot.

kellan robert
baby dreams are nice

Big brother Liam is still a big fan of his baby. Though his patience occasionally runs a bit short. Our big guy may be working on another tooth. He woke at 5 this morning and has been a bit crabby. We’re still waiting on the lower canines, so hopefully that’s what’s going on.

liam and kellan

It’s as close to domestic bliss as you can get…

kellan robert
liam gregor
kellan says "wah"

as the dust settles

Sorry this post has been so delayed. Life with the new bambino (yes, it’s a boy!) has been, well, let’s just say busy. Last night was the first night Kellan waited at least two hours between feeds. I feel like a hundred dollars. Right now the old baby is at school and the new baby is napping and I am alert enough to type.

Kellan Robert was born on Wednesday, August 25 at 2:43 AM, weighing a hefty 8 lbs. – 9.7 oz. Not too shabby for more than a week early. He measured 20.5 inches in length and entered the world howling and peeing on the doctors.

kellan robert
Kellan - day 3

This birth experience was quite different from Liam’s. I actually went into labor (and don’t recommend it) on Tuesday night. Blame it on the full moon. The hospital was a bit of a zoo (full moon), but they decided rather quickly to bump me to the front of the line for our C. It was definitely more unnerving than waltzing into the hospital at the scheduled time (with no contractions at all) for Liam’s birth, but everything went smoothly and Kellan arrived healthy and strong.

We spent three nights in the hospital while Liam partied with the grandparents. Seriously, the boy didn’t miss us at all. It was such a relief that Liam didn’t freak out. He absolutely adores “his” baby. The only disruption in Liam’s routine had been early wake ups. Since we got home Liam had been getting up between 5:15 – 5:30, much too early. I think, however, that had more to do with his second upper canine tooth finally poking through yesterday than with Kellan. Today he slept until 6:15. Back to normal, I hope.

team snuggle
my boys

Our Kellan left the hospital on Saturday weighing 8 lbs – 2 oz. He’s a fantastic eater. No latch issues at all, unless you count mommy’s pain at the crazy hard suck this boy has. By his 1 week doctor visit on Wednesday, Piglet’s weight was up to 8 lbs – 12 oz. That’s 10 oz in 4 days for those of you not interested in doing the math. Oy. He had been (until yesterday) eating every hour to hour and a half around the clock. One word – “moo.”

Kellan is quite the snuggler and loves sleeping on daddy’s chest. If I remember correctly, I used to like that too… He’s becoming more and more alert with each day and starting to mirror facial expressions. It’s really too cute. It’s funny how different this feels the second time around. There’s much less self-induced stress and it’s much, much easier to just enjoy that little warm body. We’re so lucky…even if I don’t get to make any more ruffles.

on the play mat
bright eyed on the play mat

We’ll go for another well check next week and I’ll do my best to keep you posted in a more timely manner from here on out. The new boss is waking, gotta run.

Here’s the new photo album.